Thursday, February 19, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

I recently got new bookshelves for my room, and I’m just loving them. Spent the afternoon putting up my books and sharing it on my blog . One of my friends asked a question and I thought it would be a great BTT question. So from Tina & myself, we’d like to know “How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”

Like some of you, my bookshelves were better organized before I had mountains of TBRs- before Bookmooch and reviewing and librarianship in other words! I have one main bookcase in the house, and I've organized it roughly by genre- fiction, nonfiction, French books, manga, graphic novels and reference, including one shelf just for dictionaries and language-learning books. There is also a separate shelf for books about Russia. The other bookshelves- the shelf in the den and the shelf in the bedroom- are a jumble of TBRs and have-reads. When I'm done with a book, it goes on the main shelf in the "correct" place and I basically know where to find any book in the house, even if the right answer is something like "in that pile next to the couch".