Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JANE EYRE Read-a-Long

So it's February 1 and you know what that means- time to start the read-a-long of Jane Eyre with Laura and Laura's Review Bookshelf.

I'm so excited! My paperback reading copy of Jane Eyre is pretty beat up; I got it when I was a teenager, when I first had to read it for English class, and it's got all my notes and annotations, all my dog-eared pages and food spills. I tried to pick it up the other day and pages fell out. I decided it was time for a new copy.

So I headed down to the New England Mobile Book Fair, a great independent bookstore nearby me, and picked up a $1.98 remaindered Dover Editions copy, the perfect thing to curl up with.

As some of you may remember, I collect vintage copies of Jane Eyre but I don't want to read any of my "good" copies- some of them are not in great shape, either!

Laura hasn't set a schedule for the read-a-long so I'm going to just settle in and take my time with it- maybe a few chapters here and there, and we'll see how it goes! There are 38 chapters in the book so divided over 28 days of February, two chapters a day is more than enough to finish, even with some slacking. Are you going to join in? If you're reading it for the first time or the fifteenth, I hope you do!