Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Also Appearing On...

I'm honored to be kicking off a new series on the writers' website Beyond the Margins, called The Page Turner:
You know how it is when you read a REALLY GREAT BOOK, a book that you think everyone should read?  We at Beyond the Margins have had that very experience. A lot.  And we love to find new books.  So we have recruited an army of professional book lovers — librarians, book critics, booksellers — to help us out, especially with books that may not have gotten the attention they deserve.  Every month one of these hip literary sorts will give us the word on some hot reads.
So come on by to Beyond the Margins and check out my post! 
And leave a comment, so the nice people at Beyond the Margins know you came by!

Also up as of yesterday is this month's Jewish Book Carnival. The JBC is a great roundup of links on Jewish books from all over the web. In March it's hosted by Boston journalist Linda K. Wertheimer at her eponymous website.