Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Salon - Fun Stuff Coming Up

So I'm a little stuck in winter doldrums right now but bright things are on the horizon. My husband and I have a quick trip to New York coming up in the next few weeks; we've already made reservations at my favorite NYC hotel and have lined up dinner at a restaurant I love. I hope that some of my NYC friends will be able to join us but it will be great no matter what. I'm also looking forward to doing a little uptown bookstore tourism.

On the blog, sometime in the next couple of months, probably in March, I'll be doing a Publisher Spotlight series on the wonderful Capuchin Classics, a British publisher of lost gems. I'm reading one of their March releases, When I Was Otherwise, by Stephen Benatar, right now and let me tell you it is fantastic. And I'm going to have the opportunity to interview Benatar, who wrote numerous other books among which is the great Wish Her Safe At Home. I'm so excited to have the chance to talk to him and I want to thank Capuchin for setting it up.

I had a good reading month in January; I read a Booker winner and a Europa for my challenges, and lots of other great stuff as well. In February I'm going to dedicate myself to review obligations and I think March may be an early Science Fiction Month. I've got a couple of ideas for additional Publisher Spotlight series I'd like to do, so I need to send out some emails and see if some of the folks I have in mind would like to work with me. And some of my February reading will be in support of those projects.

Tentative reading schedule through the first half of 2012:
February: Review obligations
March: Science fiction
April: 2012 releases
May: Whatever/been-meaning-to-read-forever
June: LGBT books

I'm still reading a Europa and a Booker winner every month regardless of theme.

I've been on a semi-book-buying-ban which I've violated several times now, but it has helped keep my impulse buying in check. And let's face it, I have bazillions of books in my TBR mountain (let's not even bother calling it a "pile" anymore, right?).

What are you up to today? I hope you have a great Sunday. More Sunday Salon here.