Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Finds- It's Been A While

So I'm not doing as many memes any more, and I think that's a good thing even when the blog is dormant for a day or two, but I kind of miss telling you about my new books each week. So I'm going to try Friday Finds again for a while. If it turns into a big chore I'll stop, but we'll see. Anyway, hai! I've missed you.
Eric Newby's memoir Love and War in the Apennines covers his time in a World War II POW camp, his escape and the time he spent hidden in a remote Italian village. A bookstore customer sold this book to me as a must-read about Italy. I sold him my favorite book about Italy on the same night, Carlo Levi's Christ Stopped at Eboli, so I couldn't really refuse his. I hope to read it in September.

Ian McDonald's The Dervish House was highly-thought-of science fiction set in Istanbul from last year's ReaderCon. I waited until it came out in paperback to pick it up. It's set in 2027 and seems to be a mix of futurism and fantasy.

Solea, by Jean-Claude Izzo, is the third and final installment in his Marseilles trilogy. I'm planning to read book 2, Chourmo, soon, and want to have the last book at the ready. I loved the first, Total Chaos.

Two fall books came to me from my friendly friends at HarperCollins:
Louise Erdrich's latest, The Round House, is out in October. 
The Stockholm Octavo, by Karen Engelman, is out in November. Both look like very interesting reads and I will dip into them soon and read them in their entirety closer to their respective release dates.

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