Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crafturday! Two New Quilt Tops Finished

So I've been working through the various projects I have stacked up in my sewing room lately; sometimes I would find a pattern I liked and buy fabric for it but like the books I buy and take forever to read, it might be a long time before I got around to actually making the quilt. The seashells quilt above is one example. The pattern comes from Teri Christopherson's book The Best of Black Mountain Quilts; then I fell in love with the seashell fabric and knew I had to make something with it. I finished piecing the quilt top this week. It was a fairly complex quilt with a lot of seams to match; I did my best but it's far from perfect! It's throw-sized, about 43x63 inches or so.

With the left over scraps, I was able to piece together a small doll quilt!

The pattern came from Patriotic Little Quilts by Alice Berg. I love the Little Quilts books (there are several- Celebrate with Little Quilts, Little Quilts! All Through the House and Living with Little Quilts); when I used to make miniature quilts, I used them extensively. Now they're great for leftover projects!
Both of these quilts still need quilting and finishing. Right now they're just pieced fabric. I anticipate hand-quilting the larger quilt and machine-quilting the smaller one. Then I need to find people to give them to!

What's next for me is probably a Christmas project, with another kit I purchased ages ago. I'm still working on the redwork project I told you about in the last installment of Crafturday. Stay tuned!