Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crafturday: Pumpkin Carving!

Every year my husband and I like to carve pumpkins.  I keep it simple, but he likes to carve elaborate patterns that take hours to complete. Last year he did the Star Trek Enterprise; this year, he created his own pattern out of a photo of actor Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. It took him about 8 hours from start to finish! He uses woodcarving tools to help get the shading just right. Nice job, Jeff!

My pumpkin was easier! It took me about an hour to complete. Many people who know me know I love Hello Kitty so I thought an HK pumpkin would be a fun one for me to do.

Both pumpkins started with a paper pattern that we transferred onto the pumpkins with a small plastic poker, to make little dots on the pumpkin's skin. Then we connect the dots with water-soluble marker and label the areas to be cut through completely, like the Doctor's bow tie or most of Hello Kitty's outline. After that we hollow out the pumpkins and it's carving, shading and more scraping till it's done. And then of course we have to sort out the seeds and roast them. It's best to carve as close to Halloween as possible so the pumpkins don't cure or start to rot before they go on display. I did mine on Halloween and Jeff transferred the pattern for his the night before, then carved during the afternoon of Halloween. Both were ready by trick or treat time!

What should we carve next year?