Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Reading Resolutions for 2013

Do you making reading resolutions, or set goals for your reading in the New Year? Do you pick books as you go, or do you have a  plan?

What about challenges? Lots of us bloggers participate in them; have you? Do you plan to in 2013? I'll re-start the Europa Challenge for 2013 of course (sign up!) and I might pick a short challenge or two but other than that I'm not good at finishing what I start, really, so I tend to avoid them.

But the fact is, my TBR pile is growing higher and higher, and sometimes I feel more like a book collector/hoarder than a reader! So I need to dig into that pile and try to keep pace with what I'm buying.

To that end, here are my reading goals for 2013.
  • One Europa Editions book per month for a total of at least 12 for the year. Probably I'll read more; I tend to!
  • Six books by author Angela Thirkell for the year. Angela Thirkell's books are largely out of print but I've been able to amass a nice collection of her delightful English country tales nonetheless. Time to make a point of digging in!
  • One audiobook on the iPod at all times; one nonfiction book on the nightstand at all times. The audiobook-listening helps me squeeze in extra books without having them take up space!
  • One book in each of the following series: Factory Series by Derek Raymond; Mollison Town Quartet by Tim Davys; World Noir series from Europa Editions.
  • Six Booker Prize winners for the year.
  • Three NYRB Classics by June.
  • One graphic novel per month.
What do you think? Can I do it? Some of these overlap; one of the Booker winners was just reissued by NYRB, for example, and the World Noir book would count towards the Europa Challenge. What are your goals for 2013 when it comes to books?