Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book meme

1. Hardback, trade paperback or mass market paperback? I like trade paperbacks the best- light, portable and classy.

2. Barnes & Noble or Borders? Tough. Around here the suburban B&N is better than the suburban Borders, but the Borders in Boston beats any B&N except the Harvard Coop, which is the best chain bookstore anywhere.

3. Bookmark or dog-ear? Dog-ear. I have also been known to use books as coasters.

4. Amazon or brick and mortar? Brick and mortar any day.

5. Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random? Sorted by type (fiction, nonfiction, French, reference, etc.) then arranged in descending order of height.

6. Keep, throw away, or sell? Keep, mooch, donate.

7. Keep dust jacket or toss it? Keep.

8. Read with dust jacket or remove it? Read with the dust jacket. I like it. And you can use the flaps for bookmarks.

9. Short story or novel? Novels. I like short stories too but I read many, many more novels.

10. Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket? Neither.

11. Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? At chapter breaks as much as possible, unless the chapters are really long.

12. "It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time"? Once upon a time. Gotta love those fairy tales.

13. Buy or borrow? Buy. I hardly ever borrow. I end up paying so much in overdue fines, I might as well at least be able to keep the book!

14. New or used? Either way. A good-condition used copy is ideal- cheap and green.

15. Buying choice: book reviews, recommendations, or browse? Browsing, then book reviews, then recommendations. I have good luck finding things I like, but my taste is idiosyncratic enough that oftentimes I think other people have a hard time gauging it.

16. Tidy ending or cliffhanger? I don't really read series, so I guess tidy endings.

17. Morning reading, afternoon reading, or nighttime reading? Any time to read is a good time to read.

18. Stand-alone or series? Stand-alone. Apart from manga, I hardly ever read series.

19. Favorite series? In my case, favorite manga- Nana by Ai Yazawa.

20. Favorite children's book? The Teddy Bear by David McPhail

21. Favorite YA book? A Wrinkle in Time

22. Favorite book of which nobody else has heard? Bigfoot vs. Chupacabras.

23. Favorite books read last year?
Oscar and Lucinda, Peter Carey
The Last Chicken in America, Ellen Litman
My Father's Paradise, Ariel Sabar
City of Thieves, David Benioff
The White Mary, Kira Salak

24. Favorite books of all time?
Possession, A.S. Byatt
A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson
Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories, Leo Tolstoy
Howards End, E.M. Forster
The Portrait of a Lady, Henry James

25. What are you reading right now? Isaac's Torah and All Other Nights

26. What are you reading next? Sonata for Miriam

27. Favorite book to recommend to an eleven-year-old? Oy. I don't know.

28. Favorite book to reread? Jane Eyre

29. Do you ever smell books? Sometimes.

30. Do you ever read Primary source documents? Like, diaries or letters? Sometimes.

I'm not tagging anyone but I'd love to know if you decide to answer these on your blog!