Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Salon: March So Far, and The Next Two Weeks

So far March has been a pretty good month for me. I've read two of the books on my Irish book list, Troubles and The Outside Boy; saw the new Jane Eyre movie and I'm nearly done with The Dork of Cork and working my way through The Matchmaker of Kenmare. After that, if there's still time, I'd like to read John the Revelator and that will probably finish me up for the month. I'll probably read Ghost Light in May at this rate; April is given over to review books.

Tomorrow starts my two week (Monday-Thursday) series on the publisher Europa Editions, one of my favorite smaller presses. Come by tomorrow for the introductory post and Tuesday for an interview with editor-in-chief Michael Reynolds. There will be a series of reviews and interviews to follow; the full schedule will be on tomorrow's post. I'm so excited about the series; the folks at Europa were wonderful and so helpful. I can't wait to get started!

Anything else? Well I know for sure I'm not going to Book Expo this year (unless I get some really cool job that sends me there, anyway), which is disappointing but what can you do. I had a wonderful time last year and I'll really miss seeing everyone and enjoying the bookish festivities but that's just the way it is. I'll probably do something for Armchair BEA though, and I'd like to see about organizing a tweetup for Boston folks also staying home. The way things are going right now I don't know if I'm going to be able to make any conferences this year.

Today? Today I'm setting down to finish The Dork of Cork and do some planning. There are some big, albeit temporary changes on the horizon for me; more on that later. In the mean time I hope you're having a great Sunday; I'd love to know what you're up to.