Thursday, May 19, 2011

Books I'll Never Read

I saw a fun post at the Village Books Blog (thanks to Shelf Awareness) on books some of the staff has never, and will never, read. We all have them- books that it seems like everyone in the universe has read but that we'll just never get around to. Or refuse to. Or tried once and gave up.

Here's my top 10:
  1. The last two books of the Millennium Triology. I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I enjoyed it. Tattoos, rape, murder, psychological dysfunction. Check. I've seen the second movie but don't plan to see the third, or to read either of the other two books. I get it. No need to continue. I find this happens with series often with me. I read the first one, get the gist, and I'm done.
  2. Anything with the words Harry Potter in the title. I remember when the books were coming out and there was this resurgence of interest in YA among adult readers. And I get that there are lots of great books written for children. But there are a lot of great books written for adults, too.
  3. The Help and
  4. Freedom. The rest of you can read them for me. Pass.
  5. The Angel's Game, Carlos Ruiz Zafon's followup to the fabulous Shadow of the Wind. I don't think I heard one positive review of this book, whether or not the reviewer was a fan of his earlier book. And everyone I know who read Shadow loved it. So that's kind of sad.
  6. Ulysses. I'm sorry, I know I should but I'm just not gonna. I've read other Joyce but... no.
  7. Proust in French. I want to read A la recherche-in English- and I've been collecting the Penguin translations but I think it's time to admit that reading him in French was a conceit for college and nowadays I'm just not up to the task.
  8. Faulkner. See #6.
  9. Most of the science fiction my husband wants me to read. I'll read some of it though.
  10. Every single book I want to read. But I'm gonna try anyway!
What are your "I'll-never-reads"? Do you feel guilty about passing on trendy books or giving up on series? Or for neglecting entire genres, entirely? What's the best book you'll never read?