Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Salon: Goodbye, GoodReads

So a lot of you probably heard the news last week about social book site GoodReads selling itself to Amazon. Amazon wants GoodReads' user data to direct its marketing better and to incorporate with their Kindle products, to use against competitors like the Nook and Kobo. Meanwhile GoodReads users get... I don't know, the knowledge that their data is being mined? I'm not sure what the benefit will be to users, but since it's a nice benefit to Amazon in their fight to put my employer out of business, I deleted my GoodReads account. It's possible that they have my data archived, but I sure won't give them any more. And you know what? It's just a website. I can live without a website. There are more.

I know a lot of people don't share my very strong views on the subject; I don't care. I've been through this ad nauseum on Facebook and to a lesser extent on Twitter. Do what makes sense to you. I can't pretend it's not going on but seriously don't even leave a comment about it because I'm spent. Writing this, I was tempted to delete it just to be sure to avoid "getting into it" with anyone else, but what the heck, I like to live dangerously.

Otherwise life is ticking along. I'm adding some new items to my Etsy shop this week, including a new sewn accessory (eyeglass cases) and some jewelry. My Etsy store is if you're interested. I've also started selling my bookmarks at the bookstore, so check those out at Porter Square Books if you're interested. Today is Easter and we'll spend the day with my inlaws, who leave nearby. I made a lime merengue pie for dessert.

March was a pretty solid reading month for me. I read only 2013 releases and enjoyed most of what I read. April will be "always-wanted-to-read-it" month though I have a feeling that a 2013 book or two will sneak in. I don't have a list as such but I'm starting with Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and we'll see where I go from there.

What are you up to today? Leave a comment & let me know, and have a great Sunday. More Sunday Salon is on Facebook.