Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Monday- What Are You Reading?


So I finally finished the wonderful Corelli's Mandolin and reviewed it last week. I also finished Jane Gardam's The Man in the Wooden Hat, another luminous entry in the Old Filth trilogy. I read Old Filth a long time ago and never reviewed it on the blog; I loved it, and I don't know why I never got around to reviewing it, but now that the third and final volume in the series is out I decided to dig in and finish it. Jane Gardam is one of those writers who's just really, really good. Not flashy, not fancy, not out there, just really solid.

This week I'm reading the final volume of the Old Filth series, Last Friends. Each book told pretty much the same story but focused on different characters- their background, point of view, details particular to that person. Old Filth focuses on the eponymous character, Edward Feathers QC. The Man in the Wooden Hat centers on his wife, Betty, and her relationship with her husband and her lover, Filth's rival Terry Veneering. Last Friends is about Veneering and what makes him tick. I think the three books should be read together, as one long book, but they stand alone fine and I think can be read in any order. If you like British literary fiction you should not miss these gems.

And I'm still working my way through the enjoyable The Teleportation Accident, by Ned Beauman. He is the son of Nicola Beauman of Persephone Books, which I find interesting. I like the book so far. I'm about halfway through and the story of Egon Loesser, perpetual left-behind of the German avant-gard set on the outbreak of World War 2, is a witty and fascinating romp.

I DNF'd my latest bedside book and I'm trying to decide with what I should replace it. James Joyce biography? Serge Gainsbourg? A book about the Blasket Islands of western Ireland? Lots of choices. What are you reading?

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