Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

And the winner is...

The vote was 9 for Tuesday Things, 9 for Tuesday Thingers, and Tuesday Thingers won the coin toss. Thanks to everyone who voted! And thanks to The BookImp for the logo!

Okay, now down to business. This week's topic: Discussion groups. Do you belong to any (besides Early Reviewers)? Approximately how many? Are there any in particular that you participate in more avidly? How often do you check?

My answer: I've joined about 35, but there are less than a half dozen that I read avidly. I participate in Early Reviewers probably the most, followed by Jewish Bibliophiles and Librarians who LibraryThing. People are pretty civil and respectful for the most part- not a given in the online world. I think the caliber of the discussions tends to be pretty high, with lots of intelligent people saying interesting things.

And you?