Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Salon

This Sunday I'm up in Maine at a wedding (the wedding was this morning) and we're going to follow it up with some relaxing and shopping and sightseeing in the area. I brought two books with me:
Julia Stuart's The Matchmaker of Perigord, and Ronna Wineberg's Second Language, a collection of short stories.

Last week I finished two significant books: Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda, probably the best book I've read all year, and Curtis Sittenfeld's American Wife, which was good but not as flashy-fantastic as Oscar. My American Wife review will be up on Tuesday, when the book is slated to come out. I'll get around to Oscar soon; I think I'm 7 reviews or so behind at this point!

So now that I've finished Oscar I get to pick out a new read-for-me book. This is the way it works. I have three books going at once- a "me" book, a book I've agreed to review, and a new or recent release. Oscar was a "me" book but it was long and I took my time with it; it's one to be savored. My next "me" book is Petropolis, by Anya Ulinich. I actually started it on the plane last week and it's terrific so far.

What are you up to today?