Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Salon

Another Sunday, and it's really fall here in the Boston area. I know it's been fall officially for a couple of weeks, but now it really feels like it. Yesterday my husband and I drove out to a nearby farming town for our annual fall picnic- we get fresh apples, cider, pastry, cheese and other necessaries, gather up our picnic basket and quilt and have lunch outside on a pretty town green. Fall is such a great season- starting with our wedding anniversary yesterday and ending around New Year's, it's just so much fun. Next weekend we're going to the local county fair, an event I've been attending every year of my life, and it just gets better from there as we head into the holidays.

Reading? Oh yeah, that! I'm still working my way through The Heretic's Daughter and My Father's Paradise; I'm finding Heretic a little tough going but when I can focus on it I enjoy it. My Father's Paradise is fantastic so far, and I'm finishing up Guy DeLisle's The Burma Chronicles for tomorrow's graphic novel review. So I'm traveling to Salem, Iraq/Israel and Burma via books this weekend, all the while I'm snacking on my seasonal treats and enjoying the beautiful weather we're having this weekend. Not bad!