Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Salon

I'm under the weather today, but work has been canceled and it's still snowy outside, so how about some reading?

I started Surprised by God yesterday, which is going to be my book club's pick for January; so far it's terrific- very well written, fun and interesting. It's about a suburban punk-rock girl who rediscovers religion and becomes a rabbi. It was my choice for the club so I hope other folks like it as much as I do.

This week I read Aravind Adiga's stunning, Booker-Prize-winning debut, White Tiger- wow. Wow. I will write a formal review soon but I think I need to re-read the beginning first. It was the kind of book you want to drink down in one gulp. Absolutely un-put-down-able.

Today I think I'll work on Surprised a little more, and relax with some tea and a box of tissues. And maybe pick up a new novel too- lots of goodies await on the TBR shelf.

What's going on in your part of the world today?