Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand? - January Edition

So today I found out about a great meme or blog carnival going on over at 5 Minutes for Books- the What's On Your Nightstand? meme.

You can go on over the site to find out more about it. You can post weekly or monthly or whenever, and do mini reviews or just list off what you're reading, or use it to set goals. I think it's a neat idea and it looks like I'm just under the wire to post for January so here goes.

On my nightstand at the moment are three books:

The Story of French, by Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow. It's an interesting, enlightening history of the French language and its various forms and influences. It's pretty accessible, written in 20-odd page chapters that are great to dip in and out of now and then. I think I'm on chapter 8 or so. It usually takes me a while to work through my bedside books!

The Russian Debutante's Handbook, by Gary Shteyngart. I think this was his debut novel- it's been out for a few years and I picked it up recently on Bookmooch because I enjoyed his last novel, Absurdistan, so much. Like Absurdistan, Handbook is a satire about the lives and travails of Russian Jewish immigrants. I'm only a little ways through it but I'm enjoying it very much. It centers on a character called Vladimir, a slightly hapless nonprofit worker and his various adventures.

Finally, there's Liz Tuccillo's How to be Single, a chick-lit opus I got via a giveaway. It's fun. My policy on chick lit is I only read it when it's free, and this was free, so I'm reading it. Obviously the title should be How to Get A Man, cause that's what all these books are about. It's still a cute book and not totally obnoxious. (If I sound like a literary snob, it's cause I am. Sorry!)