Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Finds

So despite the fact that I celebrated my seventh 29th birthday this week, I only have a couple of books to add to my collection. The simple reason is that I didn't get any books! I got a gift certificate to Amazon thanks to my in-laws, but no books! Why, I hear you ask, would a bibliophile not receive books for her birthday? Because she already has a lot of books, and even bibliophiles have their limits!!

I did, however, buy a couple for myself.
First up is Mort Rosenblum's The Secret Life of the Seine, his memoir/travelogue of living on a boat in the Seine River in Paris. Should be fascinating and perfect for Francophile moi.

But then the Irish girl in me wants to read J.G. Farrell's Troubles, written in the 1970s but set in 1919 as one Major Brendan Archer returns from World War I (or The Great War as it was called then) to Ireland to check on the status of his engagement to an Anglo-Irish lady who may or may not be aware of the engagement, and chaos ensues.

Both books came from the awesome Bryn Mawr Bookshop in Cambridge, which sells used and rare books and donates its proceeds to scholarships for students of the college. A good cause!