Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Salon

Today the term "Sunday Salon" seems fitting because we're playing host to my husband's writing group in our living room.

A year or so ago, my husband joined a science-fiction writing class at Pandemonium, a local bookstore that specializes in scifi and fantasy. The group consisted of about a dozen writers who were working on various stories and novels, and two professional, published authors who guided and mentored them. They met for 10 weeks or so and my husband started working on a great novel of his own. He's kept working on his book, and since then the group has continued to meet on and off. This week, the group needed a place to meet since the usual hostess is out of town, and they're here. So I made them brownies and now I'm going to leave them alone!

While they're talking, I'm upstairs cleaning up my sewing room and getting ready to continue work on a couple of quilts I have going. I'm also reading Tightrope, which retells European Jewish history through the story of one family, from the Black Plague to the twentieth century. It's absolutely fascinating history and I love family stories, so I'm excited to be reading it. I've already heard lots of great things about it- Lorri of Jew Wishes has a great write-up, for example- and I can't wait to tell you all more.

What have you heard great things about this week?