Thursday, April 9, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

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For something different, I’m borrowing a question from … here! One of the very first questions ever at Booking Through Thursday. Back from 2005 when Laura owned the blog but, because it was so new, it didn’t get as many responses as it does now … so, why not revisit?

Here’s the question:

Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to…

  1. Are you currently reading more than one book?
  2. If so, how many books are you currently reading?
  3. Is this normal for you?
  4. Where do you keep your current reads?
I'm currently reading only one book, but only because yesterday I finished one. Usually I have two or three books going at a time. I'll carry at least one of them around with me almost where ever I go, so you'll almost always see me with a tote bag or at least a large purse! I'm reading Doghead at the moment, having just finished All Other Nights; next I'm going to start Sonata for Miriam, which is short. Short books are good! I have a bedside book as well- The Story of French- but I'm thinking of giving up on it. It's getting dull. But then again, I am almost done...