Thursday, April 16, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

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Yesterday, April 15th, was Tax Day here in the U.S., which means lots of lucky people will get refunds of over-paid taxes.

Whether you’re one of them or not, what would you spend an unexpected windfall on? Say … $50? How about $500?

(And, this is a reading meme, so by rights the answer should be book-related, but hey, feel free to go wild and splurge on anything you like.)

I would spend $50 on a couple of graphic novels or a short stack of paperbacks. But probably the graphic novels- they tend to be expensive and I have a hard time justifying buying them most of the time. Most the graphic novels I review are gifts or come from the library! $500 would not go towards books- that's too much to blow on luxuries in my opinion. I would put it towards attending a national library conference, which I can't afford to do this year, and which would be good for my career and my bookshelf!

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