Saturday, April 11, 2009

Buy Indie Day

Have you heard about Buy Indie Day?

Buy Indie Day is May 1, 2009. The idea is to rally book lovers around independent bookstores and have a day where folks go to their favorite independent bookstore and buy a book. It's the brainchild of best-selling author Joe Finder, who's proposing it as a way to advocate for and raise the profile of independent bookstores nationwide, and world-wide. There's even a Facebook page you can join.

So how can you participate, besides going to your favorite indie and buying a book?

Blogger Kevin Guilfoile, who's written a terrific post on Buy Indie Day, suggests announcing on your blog where and when you're planning to shop ahead of time- and spread the word. On your blog. On Twitter. On Facebook. Where ever you live and play online.

If you don't have an independent bookstore in your area, or you're not able to get out that day, you can also participate online. can link you to indie bookstores- simply go to their website, click on "Find Bookstores," and you're off and running.

There's a lot of talk about the value on independent bookstores, so Buy Indie Day is an opportunity to come out and show that we mean what we say.

Me? I'll be going to Porter Square Books in Cambridge, a great neighborhood indie. And I already know what book I want!

IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE in one way or another- blogging, buying, etc.- I would love to know so I can set up a list of blogs and we can visit each other on May 1 to see what we're all up to!

IF THERE IS NO INDIE BOOKSTORE IN YOUR AREA, use zip code 02138 or 02115 to locate one in the Boston area that will ship! No excuses! :-P