Friday, April 24, 2009

Seven Things About Me as a Reader

I swiped this neat meme from Vasilly over at 1330V. You can see the original post here.

1. I shop for books constantly. Even if I'm not in a buying mood, I visit different bookstores 3-4 times a week, just to look around at what's new. Chains, indies, big, small- it doesn't matter. I even browse bookstores that sell books I can't read- like the Russian bookstore near where I work- just to see what they're selling and ask questions.

2. I always spent a lot of time in libraries, but never seriously considered becoming a librarian before my late twenties. I spent the first eight or so years after college in the corporate world and I have to say I am thankful every day that I changed paths. Not only is it more fulfilling but it has put me in contact with a whole world of readers and booklovers I never would have known.

3. When we had required summer reading in high school, I kept incredibly detailed journals about what I was reading. Now I can barely remember even a single book that I had to read then.

4. I miss reading poetry. I used to be really fluent in contemporary poetry but somewhere I fell off the bandwagon and now I feel hopelessly behind.

5. I can read several books at a time, but when I really get into a book, everything else gets shoved to the side until I finish.

6. When I'm reading I can block out nearly all ambient noise and distractions. People can sit right next to me and talk to me and I will not even hear them.

7. I am very thankful to all the wonderful teachers I had who recommended weird but wonderful books to me and helped me push boundaries and challenge myself. I'm also glad that the YA genre basically didn't exist the way it does now, because I got to go straight to adult books without reading anything "suitable for children."

Want to play along? Leave a comment- I'd love to read your 7 things!