Friday, May 1, 2009

#Buy Indie Day

So the big day is here- Buy Indie Day.

Where did you go? What did you get? I'm so excited to hear about what you all are up to.

I went to the fabulous Porter Square Books in Cambridge, where I bought Esther David's Shalom India Housing Society. It's a light-looking novel about the Bene Israel Jewish community of India and the prophet Elijah, who comes to visit.

It's published by the Feminist Press at CUNY, which has a series on Jewish Women Writers. The Feminist Press also published the very good Dearest Anne by Judith Katzir and I'm optimistic that I'll enjoy Shalom India as well.

Porter Square Books is quite simply a great neighborhood bookstore. They have a good, standard selection of Indie Next picks and the like, but you can tell as you browse the shelves and displays, that they go the extra mile and hand-select wonderful, neighborhood-perfect small press and unusual books- a short story collection about Portuguese-Americans, novels that look homemade, poetry from around the corner, and more. I do a fair amount of book shopping and Porter Square Books is one of the very few general-interest indies that always has an ample selection of books I haven't seen anywhere else.

So I hope that lots of you will get the chance to buy indie today (or over the weekend, or anytime). Remember, if there isn't an indie near you, you can always log on to and find one that can ship to you. Happy reading!