Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Salon- Boston Book Tweetup

Well I didn't make it to BEA, but a group of Twitter folks from the Boston area got together and had our own little mini-BEA, complete with publishing industry pros and a book exchange. About seven or eight literary agents and authors (and me!) met at Porter Square Books, a local indie, for coffee and bookish conversation. The main topic was the outlook for young adult books- trends both recent and projected, and the state of the YA publishing industry in general.

I don't want to quote anyone too extensively, because it was a very informal gathering, though some interesting points were made about the continuing proliferation of the paranormal in YA fiction following on the success of Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling, and a projected forthcoming trend in so-called "foodie lit" for young adults- fiction about cooking and food, coming off of the success of television shows like "Top Chef".

Another topic of interest was the difficulties associated with promoting young adult literature; as a blogger, albeit one who does not specialize in YA, I was interested in their perceptions of the role of blogs in promoting books. The consensus seemed to be that blogs are important in aggregate, on the macro level rather than the micro. Which is to say, getting attention from a wide spectrum of blogs helps drive buzz more than, say, any one blog in particular. This idea gels with what I believe about the influence of blogs, and I'll certainly be very interested to read what people have to say coming off of BEA on this topic. Please feel free to comment, of course, if you have an opinion because I know what a hot topic it continues to be in the blogging community.

And there was a book exchange! I forgot to bring a book, but I came home with participant and author Mitali Perkins' Rickshaw Girl, a book for young adults, and Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon, which looks like a good Francophilic read. Mitali also brought a camera, which I did not, and thus I don't have a photo to share. But it was a terrific gathering and I certainly hope, only the beginning of a some great conversations.

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