Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Salon

After an off week, I'm trying to get back in the swing.

It's another rainy day in Boston and I'm curled up with my newly-arrived ARC of David Small's Stitches, a (so far) harrowing graphic-novel memoir of growing up in a dysfunctional, emotionally abusive family and dealing with a serious and disfiguring illness. It's an incredible read but not for the faint of heart. I'll do a full review when I'm finished with it, but for now I'd say if you didn't pick this up at BEA or from another source, run- don't walk- in September to buy this devastating book.

I have to get back writing reviews- I didn't write any last week, not because there were none to be written (I have four or five books done and ready to be reviewed) but because I had a lot going on personally and had a hard time focusing. If this were my job I'd have been fired but thankfully I cannot be fired from my blog! Part of the issue was that the next book up for review, Angel Wagenstein's Isaac's Torah, is a bittersweet, funny-around-the-edges Holocaust novel and after last week's shooting I just couldn't quite bring myself to write about it. I am hesitant to write about the shooting here, because I don't know what I have to say that hasn't been said better somewhere else.

On a lighter note, yesterday was Cambridge's annual Riverfest celebration, and literary Cambridge was well-represented.

The Boston Comics Roundtable had a booth where they sold comics and had one of their artists, Dan Mazur, doing caricatures. That's mine to the left- doesn't it look just like me? I'm actually pretty crazy about it and think it would make a fun business card or something. We'll see.

The Office of The Cambridge Poet Populist was represented in a nice airy tent, publicizing the Cambridge Community Poem, a project any Cambridge resident can contribute to. Forms were on hand for folks to write a few lines, which will be combined into one long poem later this year. Poet Populist Peter Payack and Poet Populist-elect Jean-Dany Joachim were in attendance and answering questions as well as showing samples of their poetry. It's a nice program that helps bring poetry to the attention of the citzenry. I don't know if there are any other communities that have such an office. San Franciscans, anything like that where you are?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. You can read more Sunday Salon posts here.