Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Ratings System

I've never used a ratings system before with my reviews, but I'm going to experiment with starting one, because I wonder if I could make my reviews more helpful with some sort of succinct and consistent system or shorthand to accompany what I know are often verbose reviews. Here's an idea:
  • BUY- run right out and buy this fantastic book. Five stars, top rating.
  • BACKLIST- wait for the paperback- worth owning but don't rush. Four stars. Good but not great.
  • BORROW- it's worth reading, but I wouldn't shell out for it. Two to three stars. Average. Okay. Meh.
  • BURY- No stars. Did not like at all.
What do you think? Would a system like this help you or are my reviews clear enough without the ratings? Do you use a ratings system on your blog? What do you use? How does it work out for you?