Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds

Five new additions to the home library this week!

The Angelic Way: Angels Through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us, by Rami Shapiro, came unexpectedly in the mail. It looks to be an interesting book about angels in different religious traditions. It might be great for my book club.

The Crow Road, by Iain Banks. Banks is a great British writer who does a lot of science fiction; I saw him do a reading in Dublin in 1995, when I first read his thriller Complicity. I should have read another one of his books before now!

The Selected Stories of Janet Frame came from Counterpoint, which also sent me her last novel Towards Another Summer earlier this year.

Becoming American Jews, by Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan, is a history of Boston's Temple Israel, a large Reform temple and an offshoot of Massachusetts' oldest synagogue. It's also where I work the reference desk from time to time. Dwyer-Ryan is the temple's archivist.

How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone, by Saša Stanišić is a fun-looking novel from the Balkans that I'm looking forward to.

What books look like fun to you this week? You can see more Friday Finds here.