Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Salon

This Sunday, I think I need to get a handle on my blog!

I have a lot to talk about these days and I need to spend some time doing some planning.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up, and with it a week's worth of posts on various subjects, including my upcoming interview with Jenn of Bibliolatry, which I'm very excited about. She's a super blogger and a great person to get to know. You should read her blog!

And there's been a lot going on that I want to talk to you about. I realized I never finished posting about Readercon, and even though it was a while ago now I think there's a lot of material worth sharing and talking about. Also, I got a review offer the other day for a novel based on a Holocaust hoax, and I have some thoughts about that. Then there's the recent news about Cushing Academy, a Massachusetts prep school that's dismantling its library in favor e-readers and a new coffee shop. I don't even know where to begin on that one, but I'm going to dive in somewhere, no doubt! Then there has been a conversation going around more than one library listserv on putting ARCs in library collections, and of course I have an opinion about that as well.

And I have links to share. And some blog posts that have inspired me in one way or another.

Finally, I'm way, way behind on reviews and need to make some effort to get caught up.

But before I get to all that, I'm going to enjoy Labor Day Weekend by spending some time with friends and family. My Dad is getting ready for a trip to China next month, and one of my best friends from college is in town for a visit. I've got a full plate!

What's on your plate this Sunday?