Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday!

After a busy week of BBAW and other things, it's nice to relax a little. Today I'll be going to the gym and later to the Boston Comic-Con, which should be a fun little festival of comics, zines and TV and movie stuff.

I can't believe it's already the middle of September, that tomorrow is the last official day of summer (or is it today?). Earlier this week I got the distressing news that my favorite ice cream shop in my neighborhood is closing at the end of next month- I'm totally devastated! Apparently a combination of bad economy and increased competition in the area for ice cream dollars has forced it under. I'm very sad. The branch in my old neighborhood has closed already- now this one is going too. I guess the upside is I won't eat as much ice cream. But it's the end of an era.

Traditionally, I go there every year on the last day of summer for one last ice cream to hold me through the winter, when my sugary vices run to hot things like cocoa and cider. Looks like I'll have to uphold that tradition one last time.

As far as reading, I'm working my way through my book club book, Our Lady of the Lost and Found, by Diane Schoemperlen. Has anyone read it? Because I'd be really interested in your thoughts. I suggested it as a "Christian" book- my club alternates between books about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and this month is Christian month- and I'm enjoying it, but it's unusual. It's about the Virgin Mary (obviously) and on Wednesday when we meet, I'm going to bring in a selection of Mary artifacts that I've collected over the years, representing different cultures and traditions. And I'm looking forward to hearing the Muslim point of view on this in particular, because the Muslim ladies in the group have said that Mary is important in Islam and I really want to learn more about that. Naturally, I will report back!

Have a great week.

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