Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Salon

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Yesterday was my favorite library book sale of the year- the only one I actually put on my calendar. I'm talking, of course, about the town of Arlington's Robbins Library book sale, timed to coincide with Town Day, one of those fun suburban street fairs. The Robbins Library itself is a terrific place- an attractive, well-provided-for public library; I did a collection-development project with them while I was in library school. Tables and tables of books in beautiful condition- new or barely-used hardcovers and paperbacks in every subject under the sun. Being me, I stick to the fiction tables and always come back with some great stuff.I love library book sales because the books are cheap enough that it's okay to experiment and get some of those things you'd only eyed, and not feel guilty if you don't like them or never get around to them. I only bought six books (eight if you count the two that my husband and I are going to share), but the key here is quality. I got six great books.

I don't know where I heard about the Dawn Powell book, but I heard about it somewhere; Maps for Lost Lovers just looked like something I'd like; Love Medicine is one that I've always wanted to read; The Zig Zag Kid looked like fun; I read another Grossman that I loved, so figured I'd give this one a try; In the Company of the Courtesan is one that I'm interested in after having read Sarah Dunant's latest, Sacred Hearts; and The Jewel Trader of Pegu is one that I was offered for review and passed on- then one of my favorite bloggers, Sandra of Fresh Ink Books, gave it a great review and I reconsidered.

Today's all about resting and relaxing, and digging into my stash. There's a good chance I will finally finish The Hakawati today; I've only been reading it for two months! So then I'll have to decide what to read next. I think it will be something I've agreed to review. Then I can read something for me!

What are you reading today?