Saturday, October 17, 2009

New in Paperback, Reviewed by Me

Here are a few books I've seen out in paperback recently, that I reviewed here when they were out in hardback:

My Father's Paradise, by Ariel Sabar
. One of my absolute favorite reads last year, a wonderful family history and memoir,

The Heretic's Daughter, by Kathleen Kent. Perfect for this time of year, a wonderful novel about the Salem Witch Trials, based on the author's ancestor's true story.

The Black Tower, by Louis Bayard. I wasn't crazy about this French Revolution novel, but you might be.

The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry. Another engaging novel about the city of Salem, Massachusetts.

One More Year, stories by Sana Krasikov. An award-winning collection of stories about Russian emigres.

I hope there's something great here for you!