Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone who celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday today is having a great one. In lieu of a regular post, I thought I'd share the fruits of a little writing exercise I did last week at a brown bag lunch workshop at Boston's Grub Street, a local writing studio and workshop space. We were told to write a brief sketch about a Thanksgiving dinner at which there was an unexpected guest.

I can't believe she brought him, Alice thought. What was she thinking? Is there even room?

Earlene came in through the front door all smiles, Robert close behind, almost right over her shoulder, a sheepish grin on his doughy face.

"Hell-o Alice!" Earlene bellowed.

Oh my God, Alice thought, Oh my God. Earlene hugged her, lifted her off the ground. "So good to see you, little sis!"

Alice pried herself away. "Hi Earlie," she said, "hi Rob."

"Hi Allie," Rob said.

"Alice, Rob, it's Alice," Alice said. She stood back. Robert edged his way past the women, hung up his coat and stood behind Earlene. Earlene put her arm around his shoulders.

"Oh I forgot you two knew each other!" Earlene laughed.

No you didn't, Alice thought.

Earlene ruffled his curly blond hair. "How long has it been Al? Since you two saw each other?"

Not long enough, Alice thought. "Two years."

"Well I guess we'll have a nice little reunion then!" Earlene looked at Rob, who was blushing.

"You can hang your coat over by Rob's, Earlie" Alice said. "Dinner's in an hour. You can help yourself to hors d'oeuvres. I'm going to get something to drink. You want anything?" Alice turned her back and headed toward the kitchen.

I was thinking of expanding this into a short story at some point- where do you think it should go from here?