Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Salon - Taking a Break from ALA Midwinter

So this weekend the American Library Association's annual Midwinter Conference is being held just across the river from me in Boston and let me tell you- it's overwhelming and it's wonderful.

It runs from January 15th through the 18th and for me and for hundreds and hundreds of librarians and booklovers, it's nonstop fun. The Midwinter conference does not have sessions per se like the Annual conference but it has some wonderful author-focused and publisher-sponsored programs and wonderful exhibits with miles of vendors and library folk to talk to. Yesterday I walked the entire exhibit floor and talked to architects, government agencies, publishers large and small and just about anyone else of interest. I picked up catalogs, information packets, and yes- books.

Lots and lots of books.

There are some great things coming out this spring and summer and this weekend ALA Midwinter was the place to be to snag new titles by the likes of Brunonia Barry, Yann Martel, Peter Carey, Oscar Hijuelos, Joyce Carol Oates and many, many more. Not only that, but there are so many great people to talk to. I said hi to old pals (hi Talia! hi Ann!), met new ones (hi Ben! hi Kayleigh!)- lots of whom I've tweeted to or blogged to or corresponded with in one way or another through the magic of social media, and lots who were brand-new.

It's been an amazing time, and it's not over yet. Tomorrow I go back for an author tea and more browsing and talking and walking. I love it!

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