Saturday, February 20, 2010

BEA and Book Blogger Con

I'm going. I'm so excited!

Every year since becoming a librarian I've made an effort to attend at least one conference; usually it's the Massachusetts Library Association Conference, but I'm going to skip that one this year in favor of BookExpo America and the Book Blogger Convention.

I have my hotel reservation and my registration; I just need to get my train tickets and I'll be all set. Who else is going? I have to know- and I hope to see you all!

Some of my favorite things to do in New York:
  • Alice's Tea Cup, an Alice-in-Wonderland themed restaurant serving tea-the-drink and tea-the-meal, home to outstanding homemade scones and a truly dizzying tea selection;
  • Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man, a terrific restaurant where nearly everything has chocolate in it; love it especially for brunch or a post-dinner cocoa;
  • The Strand, four floors of the most amazing bookstore ever (and right down the street from Chocolate by the Bald Man- talk about a dream date, right?);
  • Forbidden Planet, a great science fiction bookstore near The Strand, which I love for its mammoth zine selection;
  • Times Square of course, especially the Sanrio flagship store, for all your Hello Kitty needs;
  • Midtown Comics, a comprehensive comics and graphic-novel shop not far from Times Square. If it's graphic and it's in print, it's here.
All I can say is, do Alice's Tea Cup and Max Brenner on different days because you won't have room for both!