Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunday Salon- Coming Soon- My New Home Office!

After a somewhat bruising week between this and that, I've been having a very nice weekend napping, baking and reading.Yesterday I baked a batch of hamentaschen, the traditional triangular Purim cookie, though I fill mine with Nutella instead of the traditional poppy seeds or apricot. Yum.

And today I'm putting together a little home office for myself- a new desk and a recycled bookshelf, in my sewing room. I'm saying goodbye to my old futon and setting up the first desk I've had since college. I'm so excited. I really need a more formal workspace at home; working from my sofa has not been going well! My husband and I got a simple desk at IKEA last week, just perfect for my laptop; right now it's still in the boxes. Unfortunately, since the futon's new owners won't take possession until later on today I can't set it up and take pictures to show you right now.

So for the afternoon I'll be cleaning and periodically reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, a very nice new novel by Helen Simonson. Jeff and I think we need to have another yard sale this spring or early summer so I'm putting aside things and throwing things out and just generally clearing out some clutter. And wondering if I'll ever get back to my quilting!

Oh- if you're into blogs about movies, a couple of friends of mine have started a blog, A and A's Movie A Day, to document their project of watching a movie a day until they've worked their way through their substantial collection of DVDs. They're smart and cool and great writers and I'm going to follow them- you should, too.

What are you up to today?

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