Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-thon: 2 Hour Meme

In this challenge we would like you to write a post on your blogs about your kick off strategy. What have you surrounded yourself with for these early hours of the challenge besides your books? Is there a coffee thermos, lucky book mark, snacks, pillow…. We want to know how you have prepared so you do not have to leave your cozy reading space (by the way – we’d like to know what is too…. (are you still in bed, a chair, the couch…..)

I'm in the den; I've surrounded myself with a few of the selected books, a cup of tea and a fluffy pillow. The tea is gone now but the books and pillow remain.

So far I've read four short stories from the anthology Prizes: The Selected Stories of Janet Frame, two from Rasskazy and two from Paris Stories. Some of the Frame stories are really short, some just one page. I'm not crazy about them and I probably won't read any more from this book. But I'm enjoying the others. I'm hoping that today will help me figure out which books I truly want to finish and which books I can weed. Either way I expect the TBR pile to be shorter after today! Next up is Good Evening, Mrs. Craven. See you back here soon!