Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Salon- Long Weekend

Well it's Patriot's Day Weekend here in Boston and that means one thing- tomorrow is the Boston Marathon, a day when athletes and their supporters get out to run and line the streets to cheer. When I was in college, Marathon Monday was always the first day of our spring break and the Marathon itself went right past campus, so bunches of us would cheer the runners as they passed by. Current students of my alma mater still do that every year.

As for me, Marathon Monday is a day when I traditionally hide in my house and try to stay away from all the fuss, not being one for crowds at all. Conveniently enough, my house stocked full of wonderful books to read. I'll be finishing up Dorothy Baker's Cassandra at the Wedding and Yann Martel's Beatrice and Virgil.

I got to see Martel read on Thursday, the highlight of a week of bookish events. He was just wonderful and listening to him made me want to go read Life of Pi all over again. There was also the so-called Saturday Salon this past Wednesday, a luncheon in Boston I attended along with Dawn of She is Too Fond of Books. It was hosted by Amy MacKinnon, Elyssa East and Delia Cabe and included a host of authors like Lynne Griffin and Holly LeCraw, as well as local book industry honchos and more. It was held at Boston's lovely Parker House Hotel and it was a really good time. Yesterday my neighborhood, Harvard Square, held the "Bookish Ball," a day of bookshopping in this bookstore-rich area. I went to Raven Used Books, which has this just awesome selection of literary fiction, and Million Year Picnic, a comic shop, to pick up some novels both graphic and normal. Today there are two readings I'm interested in attending, Holly LeCraw at the Concord Bookstore and Katherine Howe at the Wellesley Free Library; we'll see where I end up!

Where are you going to end up today?

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