Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Salon- Bookhounding in Boston

So yesterday my husband and I stopped by a favorite bookstore we haven't visited in about a year, Seek Books, in West Roxbury, a neighborhood of Boston. It's a used bookstore that specializes in science fiction and fantasy. It only opened about a year ago and we visited last summer but for some reason haven't gotten around to going back.

My husband collects a series of Stephen King novels, The Gunslinger, that were published as limited special editions; until yesterday he was only missing the first of the series' seven volumes, which, yes, he found for a great price. He also found a pile of the Doctor Who paperbacks he collects, including some choose-your-own-adventure Doctor Who books he didn't even know existed. He was so excited! Later in the day I found my own little treasure, a first edition of Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye, at a nearby charity shop.

Seek Books has this incredible collection of scifi for two reasons- it's run by a bona vide nerd who said he built the kind of bookstore he would want to shop in, and because he has a policy of only stocking one copy of each title for maximum selection.

Today we're going back to make sure he got all the Doctor Who books he's missing. Should be fun.

Reading? I started J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace last night and can't wait to get back to it. It's a Booker Prize winner and so far, I'm not surprised. It's incredible!

I'm also getting ready for a busy week of work, including my first author interview over the phone on Tuesday, and a lot of posting for BEA week. I'll have a giveaway connected to Armchair BEA and lots of other great content for while I'm away.

I hope to see lots of you in New York!

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