Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Salon - Another Week in Books

So I'm a little late to the party today; please forgive me. It's been another fun, bookish week. Monday night I joined some pals to see author Luis Alberto Urrea at the Harvard Book Store. He was great; smart, funny and charming. He passed out postcards he and his wife Cindy made based on locations in his novel Into the Beautiful North; folks could keep the card and mail it to someone or write an address on it and the Urreas would mail it back from another place. Mine came back to me with his signature postmarked Texas. Very fun.

Tuesday I got to meet Justin Cronin, author of The Passage, at a packed event at the Brookline Booksmith. Wow! That had to be one of the best readings I've been to so far this year. He did a great job of selling his novel and he was very kind and courteous when I met him in the signing line.

Thursday I started an "Artist's Bookmaking" class at my local adult education center. Over the next eight weeks I'll be stitching, gluing, binding and decorating all manner of little books and leaflets. On the first night we stitched our handout packets together using a simple stab stitch. My plan is to blog the class and my creations every Thursday so I'll have a full report then.

Yesterday my husband and I went to the semi-annual warehouse sale at the Harvard Book Store, where they open up their warehouse facility and sell lots of cheap, wonderful things. They have both remaindered and used books and there are always treasures to be found. I got only four books, but they were high quality- three novels and a comics collection. I'll have a full report on my Friday Finds post later this week.

Then, last night, we went out to neighboring Dedham, where a new Borders opened up. It's amazing! They are doing all kinds of giveaways and contests this weekend, giving away baskets of books, e-readers, gift certificates and more. I probably won't win anything but there's always hope!

Today? Today I'm reading Gina Ochsner's The Russian Dreambook of Color & Flight, and going out for an ice cream cone sometime soon. Have a great Sunday!

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