Thursday, July 8, 2010

Artist's Bookmaking, Week 2

I have lots of pictures to share with you this time. In class we made these two booksusing single-sheet constructions and accordion or concertina folds. We learned how to cover book board and talked about different finishing ideas, such as using a ribbon to tie a small book. I didn't quite get the single-sheet construction thing,

but I enjoyed making the accordion-fold book,
which I think came out a lot better:
For my homework, I made a small accordion book (4x4 inches) which I covered in fabric.

In the two books I made in class, we used paper and diluted Elmer's glue; in the book I made at home, I used quilting fabric and Mod Podge. I cut the fabric squares 6x6 and mitered the corners using my fabric rulers and rotary cutter. I used a 6x6 square ruler to fussy-cut the fabric. The hardest part? Cutting the book board. I got a package of four large sheets of book board at my local crafts store and cut the 4x4 squares using a knife and sanded the edges with a sanding block. I need to get a sharper knife because it took much too long to cut the board.

I also picked up some cardstock and scrapbook paper to use for practice and for projects later in the class. I should go to the hardware store for a good awl and sharp knife, then I should be set with supplies.

I often spend some time in the craft section of whatever bookstore I happen to be in, usually to look at quilt books, but lately I've been interested in paper crafts and bookmaking books as well. There's always something new to be interested in!

Tonight the syllabus tells me we will work on folios and advanced accordions. Sounds great!