Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artist's Bookmaking- Week 3

This week, we made two miniature hardcover books using book cloth and board. The first was this orange book, a very basic model made a little more challenging with the addition of a ribbon using a chisel and hammer.

The second book we made was similar, but this time we attempted a flag book- another style of accordion book with small folds to which you can attach pieces of paper:

I can see so much potential for this kind of book. The teacher brought in an example using fortunes from Chinese fortune cookies; I can see using the flag structure as part of a scrapbook for tickets or other mementos, and other things too.

I stopped by the local hardware store this week and picked up some hand tools so I can continue this hobby on my own- an awl, a chisel and a good knife. I even got my craft notebook out and starting jotting down ideas for the "personal accordion" project, one of our assignments. I think I want to make a scrapbook for my and my husband's upcoming trip to Florida in August. I already have this great floral paper for the cover- which means I only have everything else to figure out. Fun!