Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds- The Personal and The Professional

Effective Blogging for Libraries, by Connie Crosby, is a professional book about- you guessed it- blogging for libraries. For the past several months I've been contributing to the blog of the Association of Jewish Libraries. It's very different from running a personal book blog and it's time for me to start using professional resources to do a better job.

Elizabeth McCracken's love story The Giant's House, about a librarian and a very tall young man, is a book I've been meaning to read for years. I saw her at a writer's conference in Salem years and years ago and I've been following her lately on Twitter and I simply must read her celebrated first novel.

Julia Wertz's new book, Drinking at the Movies, came from Random House. I'm a big fan of her previous comic collections and am reading this as I type.

Finally, I treated myself to the Barnes & Noble edition of The Chronicles of Narnia, because I love their special editions of classics with wild and beautiful covers, and this is a particular childhood favorite.

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