Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Libraries: Putting the Mission Statement into Action

Last week I wrote out my Home Library Mission Statement.

#1 was:
My home library is the intellectual and spiritual center of my home. It’s a place dedicated to storing and displaying the books I’ve read and the books I want to read.
My home will have dedicated space for books and I will respect that space and leave it free of knicknacks and other flotsam. Shelves will be kept tidy.

As you can see, I have a ways to go.

CDs, a plush Adipose and a Borg teddy bear are only some of the random stuff living on my bookshelves. There are also puzzles and a coin collection and even film cell-souvenirs from a movie screening. I don't really know where to put these things. They live on my bookshelves because I don't have any better ideas about what to do with them.

At my age I may be too old for TV-tie-in plushies. But one was a gift and one was a travel souvenir. And so on.

What to do?
I know- start with something easier.

This bank of shelves is home to my nonfiction. Here, I spent a little while moving some books around, weeding and tidying. The Christmas cards are now gone;
the ancient Tolstoy paperback (the green book on top of the TV) is gone, the CDs are put away with the rest of my CDs and the collection is weeded. This photo was taken mid-project; I had already weeded a bunch of books.

I ended up with a nice new shelf of biographies and travel; history and literary criticism; and a selection of Jewish-studies nonfiction and the stuff that didn't fit anywhere else:

I also weeded a ton of books from all three sections of shelves and made some room for new things. A good day in home library management!