Friday, September 24, 2010

What Else? Friday Finds

Three great finds this week.

Ann Kingman of the Books on the Nightstand podcast recommended David Grossman's To The End of the Land, his new novel, so heartily that I had to get it right away. That, and I'm a huge Grossman fan from his earlier book Someone to Run With.

Her colleague and BotN partner in crime Michael Kindness was equally enthusiastic about Richard Harvell's new novel The Bells so that found its way into my shopping bag this week as well.

Finally, I finally picked up Kazuo Ishiguro's book of short stories, Nocturnes, out in paperback now. I'm a huge fan of his from his wonderful books The Remains of the Day (which won the Booker Prize) and Never Let Me Go, about to be released as a feature film.

So many good books!

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