Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Salon- Reading, Reading and More Reading

Yesterday was the second annual Boston Book Festival, and what a day it was for it- perfect fall weather and a full schedule made for a great bookish day. But I'll have a full post on the festival Tuesday. For now let's just say I had a great time.

Today I'm reading Madame Bovary, for the group read hosted by Frances at NonSuchBook, and The Finkler Question, which won the Man Booker Prize this past week. Finkler, by British writer Howard Jacobson, was, I think, considered an underdog for the Prize- Room and C and The Long Song were the darlings, with a flurry of betting the day before the winner was announced centered on C. I was very excited Jacobson won, if only because it was the only book on the shortlist that really interested me. Someone asked if Jacobson was the first Jewish writer to win the Prize and as far as I can tell he's the fifth, after Bernice Rubens, Nadine Gordimer, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and Anita Brookner. Anyway the book so far is very engaging and I'm looking forward to spending a big chunk of today really digging into it.

But for now I have tea to drink and reading to plan. On Friday my husband and I took 11 bags of books to sell at local used bookstores and racked up enough store credit to last us a good long time-which means I'll be replacing some of those books very, very soon!

What are you up to today? Have a great Sunday and see more Sunday Salon here.