Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Persephone Secret Santa- Revealed!

Today's the day when we participants in Paperback Reader's Persephone Secret Santa open our packages...

Here is the beautifully-wrapped book, gorgeous tin and pretty card I received:
...and when I opened them up...
Wow! Reuben Sachs, by Amy Levy, along with an incredibly generous (might I say, extravagant?) tin of homemade chocolate shortbread cookies. And they're delicious, too!

And whom do I have to thank for this very thoughtful and lovely gift? Why, it's Karen of Karen's Books and Chocolate. She says these cookies are her family's favorite during the holidays and I can certainly see- and taste- why. They're wonderful! Thank you so much, Karen, for such a sweet and thoughtful present!

And thank you to Paperback Reader for hosting. There are a lot of book-blogger gift exchanges out there but what I especially love about the Persephone swap is that it takes place among a smallish group of bloggers, many of whom I know already, and I know my giftee will like what I send. And I know I'm going to like what I get, too! It's also a great opportunity to support a specialty small publisher whose books I love. It's just such a nice, cozy community activity and I've met some great people because of it. So thanks to Claire for organizing it and to everyone who takes part!