Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Salon: And A Booker Prize Winner: December's Accomplishments, January's Goals

New Year's was another laid back occasion for the Boston Bibliophile family; we spent the evening at home with relatives, several of whom are visiting from out of state. It was very nice but I do miss going out to Boston for the First Night festivities. I've had a lot of fun times at concerts, film showings, performances, and just walking around the moonlight New Year's Eve looking at ice sculptures and taking in the scene. But then again, by the time New Year's Eve actually rolls around, oftentimes all I really want to do is have a nice dinner and curl up on the couch anyway.

Reading? I did somewhat poorly in my project to read 2010 releases in December; I enjoyed those I read but I didn't get to too many, mainly because it took me almost the entire month to read David Grossman's wonderful new book. In December I read:
  • The Swimming Pool, by Holly LeCraw,
  • Bad Marie, by Marcy Dermansky,
  • The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson,
  • From the Land of the Moon, by Milena Agus, and
  • To the End of the Land, by David Grossman.
I thought about continuing this project through January but have decided to just take January as a "free read" month and just pull some things off my shelf more or less at random. However, since Santa was very nice and brought me several Booker-Prize-winning novels, and since I have stacks of them sitting around, I'm also making a vow to read one Booker Prize winner per month, as the first book I read that month. So, to that end, I'm starting today with Anita Brookner's Hotel du Lac. Then I'm going to find something else. Since there will only be one new Booker Prize winner in 2011 I figure I can't fall too much farther behind.

I'm also working on a blog-improvement project: I'm creating two indices of books I've reviewed, one by author and one by title. The title index will be simple. The author index will take a little time, but I think both will represent a step forward.

How did you do with your December reading? Do you have any plans or reading resolutions for the New Year?

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UPDATE: The indices are done and are live on the blog! You can see them on the left hand sidebar near the top.