Friday, February 18, 2011

A Quick Friday Finds

Just a few things this week. I haven't been doing much shopping and haven't had a lot in the mail, either. Actually, nothing in the mail this week! But that's okay, because it's not like I'm hurting for things to read.

First up is a pair of books by Italian writer Elena Ferrante, from the always-excellent Europa Editions. I don't think they can publish a book I wouldn't like. The Lost Daughter is about a woman who regrets having children; the book relates her inner monologue as she's on vacation away from her family.
Days of Abandonment is a similarly raw look at a woman who falls apart when her husband leaves her. Apparently Ferrante is quite the literary sensation in Italy and I'm really, really looking forward to these books. In fact, I may have to take an entire month sometime soon and read nothing but my growing stack of Europa Editions!
Last but not least I got The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel this week. The teacher in my creative writing class recommends her as a master of the short story form so I figure if I'm trying to write short stories I might as well feed my head with some good ones!

What are you feeding your head with this week? What's new on your bookshelf? Have a great weekend!

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